Kostas Andriotis - Electronic Engineer
Kostas Andriotis info@spc.gr


Basic Electronics

As an electronic enginner i have several and different abilities. Knowledge at this field is constantly changing and each of us has to stay informed with every new information. My above average use of electronics includes:

  • Analog/Digital Electronics Design
  • Circuit design and layout PCB(multilayer)
  • PCB assembly/soldering
  • Circuit debugging using oscilloscope and logic analyzer
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More on Electronics

Advanced Electronics

More advanced knowledge on electronics is needed at more complex developments / projects and at very specific designs. That's why i know about:

  • Embedded system programming
  • Microcontrollers programming
  • Software coding
  • NI LabVIEW use
My Simple personal HTML5 site

Grow experience

Grow experience!

Certifications at other fields around electronics provide me knowledge that can be useful in the future. That is why i am looking for every opportunity given to complete this type of accomplishments and learn more.