Kostas Andriotis - Electronic Engineer
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I am Kostas Andriotis and this is my personal site

Kostas Andriotis

I am an electronic engineers curently working as Verification-Validation Engineer at RoboteQ S.A.. We design and develop innovative motion systems for automation, robotic and electrical transportation applications.

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What can i do

Electronic Design

Analog/Digital electronics, Embedded programming and debugging.

R&D Electronics

Project oriented, short and long term design and developing electronics.


Managing abilities and organizing technical and human resourses.

PCB Design/Assembly

Circuit design and layout PCB (multilayer). PCB assembly/soldering.

Personal Details

Kostas Andriotis

I was born in Egio - Greece at 1984 where I lived until I graduated highscool. I then moved to Athens where I studied at the department of Electronics - Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Piraeus). I have served different companies in the past years at the field of electronics and always looking for new opportunities at this field of technology.

I am married since 2013 and i am father of a son(born 2015) and a doughter(born 2019). I currenlty live in Gerakas-Attiki.

I play percussions and Thracian bagpipes. I prefer playing tennis at my freetime.

Check my detailed CV here: My CV (pdf)