Kostas Andriotis - Electronic Engineer
Kostas Andriotis info@spc.gr


Basic Electronics

My belief is that every electronic enginner must have several and different abilities. Knowledge at this field is constantly changing/updating and each of us has to stay informed with every new information.
My expert use of electronics includes:

  • Analog/Digital Electronics Design
  • Circuit design and layout PCB(multilayer)
  • PCB assembly/soldering
  • Circuit debugging using oscilloscope and logic analyzer
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More on Electronics

Advanced Electronics

More advanced knowledge on electronics is needed at more complex developments / projects and at very specific designs.
I am very experienced in:

  • Embedded systems programming
  • Software coding
  • NI LabVIEW
  • Safety Management
My Simple personal HTML5 site

Grow experience

Grow experience!

Certifications at other fields around electronics provide knowledge useful for the future. That is why i am looking for every opportunity given to complete this type of accomplishments.